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The Sign of Faith CD is no longer available


1. Johnny Come Lately (5:02)
2. That's No Jive (4:30)
3. Summertime In My Hometown (4:21)
4. Goin' With The Flow (5:22)
5. Love Gravy (3:41)
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6. Broken Dollies (5:27)
7. Loud Music (3:33)
8. Don't Stop The Dreamin' (3:53)
9. Broken Promises (5:34)
10. I'll Do Anything For 50 Bucks (3:45)

All songs written by Danny Gallagher, Except 50 Bucks
Words and Music by Ken Sorenson
All songs published by Big Danny Music BMI
All Rights Reserved
Produced by Kirk Budelman and Big Danny
Mixed by Al Lind, Kirk Budelman, Big Danny and The Lost Leader Band
Engineered by Al Lind
Mastered by Greg Frey
Recorded at Studio 9 Howell, N.J.
Released: 1993

Original Cover art: Glenn Scano
Printing: Guy Scano


by Big Danny & The Lost Leader Band

Earlier this year, when Big Danny Gallagher told me that he and his Lost Leader Band were finally going to cut an album, I told him that it was about time. After all, Big Danny and the boys had been bouncing around the Jersey Shore music scene for years. They'd been playing beer joints and smokey bars, pumping out a brand of frenetic, blues-based rock'n'roll that was strong enough to jumpstart even the deadest battery. If one Jersey band deserved to make a record, it was Big Danny and the Lost Leader Band.

As both a vocalist and a frontman, Gallagher has always been an imposing figure. I remember once when he strolled onstage at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park during the opening night of the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Festival. Looking like a holy man straight out of an irish epic poem, his long red beard and massive frame practically dwarfing the mike stand in front of him, Gallagher called out a number and the band kicked in with a furious, romping blues. In an instant, they had transformed the Pony into something akin to a revival meeting where souls might be saved and trust in both the blues and rock & roll could be restored with blistering intensity.

You'll hear a lot of that same excitement and energy on, the appropriately titled, SIGN OF FAITH. Driven by Steve Schraeger's pounding backbeat. Kirk Budelman's soaring guitar work, Bob Ackerman's booming bass, Ken Sorenson's wailing harp, and, of course, Big Danny's even bigger vocals. These 10 tracks are testament to the Lost Leader Band's ability to rave it up in the studio as effectively as they do onstage.

So crank this baby up and let Big Danny and company take you on a grand tour of Jersey Shore blues and rock & roll. Who knows where you'll end up?

Robert Santelli
November 1993



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"Love Gravy" performed by Big Danny & The Lost Leader Band. Lyrics by Danny Gallagher.
Any unauthorized reproduction of this recording is forbidden without the express consent of Major League Baseball

The Celtic cross used in header was taken from the cover of the "Sign of Faith" CD. Artwork by Glenn Scano.

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