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Musical Farewell for a Blues Man
Author: Don Stine
Source: The Coaster 2/15/07

Big Danny's Final Farewell Tour Photos
Photographer: Larry Pickover
Source: Big Danny Gallagher Tribute website

Recalling a pioneer of Asbury's music
Author: Kelly-Jane Cotter Music Writer
Source: Asbury Park Press ( 2/12/07

Danny Gallagher, 59, part of E Street scene
Author: Jay Lustig
Source: The Star Ledger 2/1/07

Friends Remember Blues Musician Big Danny

Author: Andrew Cangiano
Source: The Coaster 2/1/07

Memorial for Gallagher set for February
Author: Richard Skelly
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 1/31/07

Posted on 01/31/07

"Big Danny" also pioneer of Asbury Sound
Author: Bill Newman
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 1/20/07

Big Danny ain't losing The Blues
Author: Joe Gogarty, Dublin, Ireland
Published: 07/09/06

Asbury Park’s Last Troubadour
Author: Helen Pike
Source: The Coaster 8/12/04


Upstage Forums
Author: Various (Online forum)

Greasy Lake Community
Author: Various (Online forum)

Backstreets BTX Forum Part 1
Author: Various (Online forum)

Backstreets BTX Forum Part 2
Author: Various (Online forum)


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